Mission, Goals and History

.  .  .  Suicide Prevention, for Life!


Mission: Prevent suicide by teaching young people to recognize the warning signs of suicide and to seek professional help for themselves and others.


Our goal is to cause at-risk students to seek and receive treatment from a mental health professional, as treatment is life altering and often lifesaving. A highly statistically significant percentage of students who participate in our program seek the help of a mental health professional within three months of program intervention. Evidence-based research validates our program’s success. SPEA saves families from the unfathomable loss of a child to suicide and helps teens to live healthy, productive lives. .


Suicide Prevention Education Alliance (SPEA), formerly known as American Foundation of Suicide Prevention of Northeast Ohio (AFSP), was founded in 1992 by Lyman H (Tim) Treadway, after the loss of his son to suicide.

In the early years of its history, SPEA focused it resources on Gatekeeper Training. The organization has trained more than 5,000 professionals in youth suicide prevention. Physicians, school counselors, social workers, nurses, clergy, teachers, home health aides, law enforcement officers and parents have been taught how to identify young people who may be suffering from major depression and/or may be at risk of suicide; how to respond; and where to refer.

Signature Program
SPEA responded to community need and developed its signature school program, Recognizing Teen Depression and Preventing Suicide, in 2000. More than 120,000 teens have been helped thus far. There is need to reach many more.

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