“The SPEA instructor documents in writing when students come forward with personal concerns and some identify themselves as having suicidal ideation.  The school is then able to take appropriate action…I feel that this life saving program is invaluable, and it is my sincerest hope that it will be available to our students on an ongoing basis.”

Karen Z Kreinberg, LISW
SAY Prevention Specialist
Chagrin Falls High School

“The high school program developed by SPEA entitled Recognizing Adolescent Depression and Suicide Prevention is an outstanding one.  The content of the program is marvelous.  It is factually based, interactive, and jargon-free.  Considering that mood disorders often go unrecognized in teens, Recognizing Adolescent Depression and Suicide Prevention will almost certainly lead to improved rates of detection of mood disorders in high-schoolers.  This work…is extremely important.  The high school program will surely have a positive benefit to the schools where it is run.”

Robert L Findling, MD
Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
University Hospitals Case Medical System
Member of SPEA’s Scientific Advisory Board

“The SPEA instructor’s “lessons were very professional and informative.  (The instructor) did a great job of getting and keeping the students’ attention throughout the two-day block of instruction.  The learning environment was fun, disciplined and beneficial…It’s difficult to recognize all the studetns who need help, but his program gave us the opportunity to provide immediate help in previously unrecognized situations.  I highly recommend SPEA for all senior high health classes.”

Ray Harriman
Health & Physical Education
Berkshire Jr/Sr High School

“The program challenges students to recognize signs and symptoms of depression and suicide risk factors that may be present in their life or in a friend’s family member’s life…The program encourages students to get help and give help in a crisis situation.  Students are given the powerful tool of knowledge during this program and are made aware of resources to turn to for help.

I strongly support the youth education program offered by SPEA.  It has proven to be a valuable part of our health curriculum.  The students enjoy the program as they are educated about releant and sensitive topics in an interestng and engaging learning environment…I look forward to continuing to implement this program in future health classes.”

Jill Schar
Health Educator
Riverside High School

“This year is the third year that SPEA has presented workships and I know that we have saved at least five lives! The SPEA program works and my wish is that SPEA had more staff to provide the necessary information to the youth throughout Greater Cleveland.  On behalf of the students and staff at Max Hayes High School, I thank you again.  We already booked our programs for next year.”

Daniel J Barringer
Health Educator
Max S Hayes High School

“Dear SPEA Instructor/Cheryl,

Thank you, again, for your pivotal role in helping to educate our students about suicide prevention.  We have received very positive feedback from the students and teachers who participated and we look forward to learning from your expertise again next year!”

With gratitude,
NDCL Counseling Team

“If (instructor) haven’t came in my classroom last year I don’t know where would I be. I thank him, he saved my life.”

B.A; a student.

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